Daniel ríos, the face of digital journalism in venezuela

Born in Caracas, but trained in Valencia,  Ríos has more than 10 years of work experience and currently serves as general director of the ACN (Agencia Carabobeña de noticias),  the first private digital news agency in the country, with which -without Doubt- has set the standard in the world of communications.

In the beginning, she had the opportunity to work in radio:  Latinísima was the first to give her the opportunity to work in the media. His trajectory in the social networks has granted him an acknowledgment and an important approval by his followers, so much so that he is the informative journalist with more followers in Twitter and Instagram of the country; credibility and seriousness when giving news are your cover letter to anyone.

His knowledge in digital journalism, not only has made him deserving the most outstanding awards in journalism in Venezuela, but also have led him to become a reference in the world of electronic press; being also advisor of multiple websites that have contracted their services for the improvement of their portals.

Being a young journalist recently graduated from the  Arturo Michelena University, in the state of Carabobo,  Ríos managed to quickly position himself as one of the most prominent reporters in the center of the country, which is why today he is known as the young face of digital journalism in Venezuela.



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