With more than 14 years of communications expertise, Daniel Rios Mendoza has built an accomplished career as a professional journalist, publisher and marketer. Having worked in a variety of local and international markets, Daniel now offers digital marketing services to individuals, companies and organizations looking to expand their reach in both the U.S and abroad. His knowledge of brand management, mixed media, public relations and journalism inform his strategy on projects big and small to create excitement about his client’s brands.

Daniel was born in Venezuela where he studied Journalism at Universidad Arturo Michelena in Valencia. He went on to earn his master’s degree in Management Communication from Universidad José Antonio Páez. His post-graduate work includes practical experience in his field working for TV stations, radio and public relations firms in and around his home town.

In 2009, Daniel founded one of the biggest digital newspaper in Venezuela which today continues to be among the most trusted in all of South America. Agencia Carabobeña de Noticias (ACN), which translates to Carabobo’s News Agency, publishes stories related to national/international news, entertainment, sports and economy. The company maintains a dedicated team of professionals who work around the clock to research, write and publish articles online. ACN’s readership includes Spanish-speaking people in both South America and the US. The news outlet proved so influential with its audience that it angered certain government officials in South America. Fearing for his safety, Daniel relocated his family to the United States.

Now living in Portland, Maine near extended family members, Daniel Rios Mendoza continues to serve as CEO and cover politics for ACN. He is also Editorial Director for True Line Publishing’s magazine Toggle, a digital publication dedicated to technology. Moving his family to America and establishing a new life here has been a challenging adventure. But Daniel looks forward to new opportunities that allow him to share his talents as a digital marketing specialist in New England and beyond.

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