Carabobeña news agency denies supposed dismissals

With regard to the rumors that will circulate in social networks in recent days, which reported the alleged mass dismissal of journalists from several social media outlets in Venezuela, after the salary increase decreed by the national government became effective, among those allegedly the Carabobeña News Agency, a prestigious informative web portal and news agency with more than 9 years of experience, would be counted, its President, the Valencian journalist Daniel Rios Mendoza, categorically denied the species and asserted that the media will continue to work hard and balance informative as it has done since its creation in the city of Valencia.

Ríos Mendoza emphasizes that the organization has a professional and ethical commitment with its staff but also with the Internet audience that relies on the balanced but critical information management that the media has maintained for almost a decade. “It is completely discounted that we are going to close. There are many rumors, half truths and lies that are disseminated today in social networks in Venezuela. I think it is a challenge for more companies and in particular for the media to stay out of that and move forward, reporting truthfully, explaining the needs of the population but keeping the weighting. The new economic scenario is a real challenge, it is difficult but not impossible to navigate in this new reality. We are going to guide working with our team,

The Agencia Carabobeña de Noticias, was launched in 2009 and since then its neutral but incisive journalistic style when it comes to playing the political news issue and the problems of the Venezuelan population, and in particular of the Carabobo state, have not only been worth it multiple awards and recognitions of the most varied sectors, but the preference of the internaut public and the respect of the journalistic sector and the different social, political and corporate factors of the central states. You can get more information about the firm through the web portal and Instagram users @_agenciacn @daniel_riosve and twitter @agenciacn and @daniel_riosve



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