Carabobeña news agency carabobo, venezuela

Daniel Ríos Mendoza  – Founder | Journalist of the Arturo Michelena University of Valencia, Carabobo state.


In September 2009, its founder saw the need to create a website specialized in web journalism. “There were traditional media web extensions but it was not exploited like now. There were few regional media and the image was very bad “, explains Daniel Ríos Mendoza.

After working on Notitarde, Dat TV and the correspondent of the national channel Televen, he resigns and undertakes. From the beginning, his main challenge was to learn how to commercialize his digital project and he succeeded. “We know that a journalist does not know how to sell but it was necessary”. After recognizing that the first two years “went to battle,” he says with pleasure that since the beginning of 2016 and after 24 months of negotiations he managed to close an advertising contract with Empresas Polar, Venezuela’s leading food and beverage processing company. He handles large clients and two sales executives deal with medium and small clients.

The team consists of 24 journalists working in 4 shifts: morning, afternoon, night and dawn, which take turns between the plant and guidelines on the street. It also has a press officer and 5 editors spread over the different guards. The team of reporters has a sector of Carabobo state: Gran Valencia, Litoral and Regions (the rest of the regional territory). The emphasis of coverage is on news from communities and nationals. They also conduct interviews, special works, sports and economics reviews, applying interpretive and investigative journalism.

The Youtube channel   does not have it forgotten. In addition to uploading some news and materials edited from other media, in a conditioned studio that they have on the floor, they conduct interviews with political and entertainment personalities.



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